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Honored Homecoming Alumni — Mary Quinn

Mary Quinn

Name: Mary Quinn

MCHS position: English teacher

Years with MCHS: 9

How does it feel to be chosen as an honored faculty member?

“It feels good that the students voted for me. It is nice to be liked and appreciated by them.”

What’s the best part of the school day?

“The best part of the school day is at the beginning of class when all the students are ready to learn about something new.”

What’s your favorite novel for discussion among high school English students?

“My favorite is “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The students can discuss its major themes and develop an understanding and appreciation of people who have dealt with prejudice and discrimination.”

What do you do after school?

“I prepare for the next day, then I leave school to take my girls to dance, music, basketball, piano lessons or whatever else they are involved in.”

What’s your dream vacation?

“To go to Ireland with my husband and good friends.”