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Honored Homecoming Alumni — Don Jones

Don Jones

Name: Don Jones

MCHS: Class of 1990

Current job: Owner of Jones and Associates

What was your high school experience like?

“Irreplaceable. I had amazing friends, great coaches and teachers.”

You work with numbers. When did you discover your abilities in that field. What part did MCHS play in discovering your talents or fostering them?

“It was during my senior year. My teachers and guidance counselors helped point me in the right direction.”

What are the advantages of living and working in the town in which you went to high school?

“It helps to know how the community thinks and reacts to economic conditions. Also, networking is easier as a result of growing up in this wonderful town.”

What was your reaction to being chosen as an honored alumnus?

“I’m very honored to represent the Class of 1990 and the community of Craig.”

What will be going through your head when you’re standing on stage during coronation?

“Wow, did 20 years go by fast.”


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