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Hometown Hero: Zane Shipman carrying on family tradition in military

Craig Press Staff Report
Zane Shipman is the Hometown Hero selection for the week of Feb. 6 for his current service in the military.
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For this week’s Hometown Hero, the Craig Press honors Zane Shipman, who is serving his country in the U.S. Army after graduating from Moffat County High School in 2018.

He was nominated by his mother, Brandi Shipman.

“My son Zane has had the Bulldogs mascot follow him to all his locations so far,”Brandi wrote in her nomination. “He was a Bulldog in high school football, then in basic. Now, he’s stationed in Georgia, and their mascot is also a bulldog.”

When Zane was a young boy, he used to play Army soldier, his mother says, and following graduation, his plan was always to become a real-life G.I. Joe.

In this, he carries on a proud family tradition. His stepfather is a former Army Ranger, his grandfather was in the service, and his great-grandfather served in France under General George S. Patton during World War II.

“Part of my motivation is that, it’s my turn, and I have to carry it on,” Zane said. “And part of my motivation is that I want to serve my country, because I love my country.”

Though he’s not sure if he’ll return to Northwest Colorado after his time in the Army, he plans to use his skills to become a first responder, firefighter, police officer, and state trooper.

He expressed thanks to his stepfather, Troy Henderson, “for pushing and training me and giving me a can’t-quit attitude.”

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