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Hometown Hero: Barry Barnes leads life-saving crew

Craig Press Staff
Barry Barnes is head of Moffat County's Search and Rescue team.

For this week’s Hometown Hero, the Craig Press is pleased to honor Barry Barnes.

Barry Barnes is a true hometown hero. As captain of Moffat County’s Search and Rescue organization, Barry is one of many volunteer first responders on the team trained under the direction of Moffat County Sheriff’s Office to assist those who may find themselves in emergency situations in Moffat County’s great outdoors.

Barry has been the captain of SAR for many years, giving countless hours of service to Moffat county, its citizens, and visitors.

It’s a behind-the-scenes kind of job that gets very little recognition, but one that’s very important to our area’s emergency response capabilities.

Every member of Moffat County’s SAR is a hero — but especially Barry for leading the organization for so many years.

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