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Hollywood, Colorado?

Film production promoted in Northwest Colorado

Tyler Baskfield

Northwest Colorado could be the next home of bright lights and star-studded streets of the movie industry. That may be a stretch, but there is a group working toward gaining some of the economic benefits of the movie industry.

The Yampa Valley Film Board is a group dedicated to marketing the area for film production. Based in Steamboat Springs, the film board is directed by Wendy DuBord. DuBord’s main goal is to attract film crews to the area not only for feature films, but for commercials as well. According to DuBord, Northwest Colorado is the type of area these production companies look for and it is just a matter of making sure they know about it.

“We have so much to offer in this area,” said DuBord. “What we are striving to do is educate these types of companies on the area.”

The reason for the hard sell on Northwest Colorado is simple economics. The film business can really give the local economy a boost if companies decide to work in the area, according to Karen House, volunteer for the Yampa Valley Film Board.

“It is a quick way to make a lot of money in a short period of time,” said House. “Even a few days of filming a car commercial can really pump some dollars into the local businesses.”

The film board asked the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado (AGNC) Board on Oct. 7 for help in getting the word out about Northwest Colorado. The request was met with an enthusiastic response from AGNC board members. The film board wants different counties in the area to submit descriptions of different environments and structures that would make interesting filming sites. If a production company is asking for something similar to what’s available in the area, the film board will know about it. The film board would like each county to set up a contact to help with notification if there is some interest in a certain area. AGNC board members were interested in pursuing what could become another resource to the area.

The film board has put together a color brochure that flaunts some of the scenery and historic structures found in Northwest Colorado. Much of it is based on the area’s western heritage, but the brochure also boasts the recreation opportunities the northwest corner of the state offers. The brochure also makes it clear Northwest Colorado may be an economical choice for a place to produce a film.

“More locations, less cost, more cooperation and less red tape all on location,” states the brochure.

It may be a long time before any film premieres or award shows take place in Northwest Colorado, but the Yampa Valley Film Board and some government officials believe local economies can benefit from the industry with a little marketing effort.