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Holly Sperry: Angry about recycling

To the editor:

In regards to the column titled, Budget: Recycling is contested, I am outraged about the view that Craig’s leaders have about recycling within our community.

Voluntary donations to relieve the city of its “burden” of a recycling program is the wrong way to go. Other states and cities seem to be able to fund their recycling programs just fine. How does Fort Collins do it?

In the past, I have wondered why the city of Craig does not promote its recycling program and why so many residents are unaware that they have a recycling center here in their own community. Those who do know about it say they aren’t going to drive north of town to drop a few things off, so I’ve wondered why the center is not in town? Perhaps it can be moved to the industrial sector of town.

I guess the answer is that since the program is a “burden” to the city, they don’t want us knowing it’s there.

Other cities charge for extra garbage dumped into landfills. They weigh residents’ garbage and charge accordingly. The revenue generated from charging for excess garbage goes to funding the many successful recycling programs around the country. Charging people a fee to recycle would be negative reinforcement. People need to be encouraged to recycle and rewarded for doing so, not punished for doing a good deed.

The article states that, “…the city is forced to take trucks almost daily to the Waste Management recycling plant in Steamboat Springs.”


I’m sorry that so many people are taking advantage of recycling and are trying to do the right thing.

The article also states that, “‘The long and short is that labor and fuel for recycling has gone through the roof,’ Call said.”

What’s the gas mileage on those trucks the city workers drive around in all day? The fuel for those is budgeted in. A couple of trucks may be necessary for the city, but not all of them. Our tax money doesn’t need to be spent on gassing up those gas hogs.

The city of Fort Collins invested in Toyota Prius Hybrids for their city workers, and they run about 55 mpg, some as high as 69 mpg. So the long and short of it really is that Craig’s City Council doesn’t find recycling to be a worthwhile addition to our community, and perhaps they do not realize it is programs like recycling that will attract new residents into our community.

It wouldn’t hurt our city officials to jump on the “Go Green” bandwagon just a little bit.

Holly Sperry



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