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High school and elementary student learn woodworking together

Lee Harstad

Ridgeview first-grade students were introduced to the wood shop Wednesday morning by Moffat County High School (MCHS) woods instructor Craig Conrad and his students.

The first-grade class is taught by Paulette Bray and both teachers are enthusiastic about the exchange.

What the first-graders lack in skill, the high school students make up for in ambitiousness. High school students were more than willing to lend a hand and the first-graders graciously accepted.

The high school students assisted the kids from Ridgeview in hammering, sanding, wood burning and sawing as they worked as a team to build plant presses.

Conrad stressed safety before any feet went into the shop. Everyone in the shop wore safety glasses and were told not to press any buttons.

The plant presses being built are going to be used for future science projects. Students from Ridgeview also learned about the significance of tree rings and wood quality.

As the kids finished their projects, they were rewarded with cookies and juice.