Health Works celebrates 10 years of success in Craig |

Health Works celebrates 10 years of success in Craig

Janelle O'Dea
Daniel Wright helps a regular customer of his, Carrie Smith, at Health Works. Health Works celebrated 10 years open in Craig on Aug. 4, 2014.
Janelle O’Dea

Ten years ago, Daniel Wright wasn’t sure he wanted to move back to the Rocky Mountain area that was once his home. But the supportive Craig community has kept Wright and his business here.

On Aug. 4, Health Works celebrated 10 years of success in Craig.

Originally from Wyoming, Daniel and his sister Carol Wright own and operate the Health Works store together.

Daniel said he was originally going to start a similar health store in Rhode Island with a friend as his business partner. His friend’s mother fell ill, and Daniel said it soon became clear the business wasn’t happening.

His sister had a simple answer.

“She said to me, ‘if you’re looking for a place to be, why don’t you come home?’” Daniel explained.

When he was putting the idea of the Craig store together, Daniel said he wasn’t terribly confident about it.

“Most people who come to the elk-hunting capital of the world aren’t interested in gluten free or soy-free stuff,” Daniel said. But he was pleasantly surprised when the store opened.

“This community has been incredibly supportive of this endeavor,” Daniel said.

He said as copays for prescription medicine have gone up, he’s seen an increased level of traffic because folks are searching for alternative and more affordable health solutions.

In addition, some Health Work products are entirely unique to Health Works and not carried anywhere else. Daniel has remedies and suggestions for any and all health problems, including digestive issues, sleeplessness, headaches and stress, to name a few.

“The plant-based calcium he has here is easier for my body to digest,” said Carrie Smith, a lifetime Craig resident. She also picked up a variety of other supplements, including some for her mother.

“I just really love Daniel,” Smith said. “I get his essential oils, too.” Smith said she’s been going to Health Works for about as long as they’ve been open.

Other businesses in Craig have the supplements Smith needs, but she said she shops at Health Works because the Wrights’ choice of product has the best quality.

Daniel sees Craig’s small-town atmosphere as a positive for his business.

“That kind of advertising is so effective; when people talk,” Daniel said. “It’s been the glue that keeps me here through the tough winters.”

The store is also an expression of Daniel’s lifestyle. Managing Health Works and helping clients solve health problems every day “helps me live the lifestyle I want to live,” he said.

Without the Wrights and Health Works, many of Craig’s miners and power plant employees may not get the rest they need to handle the stress, pressure and environmental effects of their jobs.

“We get people in from the mines, and the sleeplessness they have, it’s debilitating,” Daniel said.

Health Works carries herbal teas, supplements and other natural remedies that can help a person’s body and mind wind down at the end of a stressful day.

But Daniel doesn’t see miners or any other customers as a group. He enjoys helping people get to the root of their individual health problems and find solutions that work best for them.

Daniel said ultimately, he can’t prescribe or diagnose anything, so his business comes down to helping people make better choices for themselves.

“Once people start making choices for themselves, they’ll make more of them,” he said.

Daniel stays in business by maintaining and supporting his vision of longevity in the work that he does every day.

“This is a lifestyle; it’s not ‘I’m fixed and I’m done,’” he said. “It’s an ongoing thing. Building relationships has been one of the most important parts of putting this together, and there’s a number of people who have been here since the beginning.”

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