Memorial Regional Health: Getting help to manage chronic pain |

Memorial Regional Health: Getting help to manage chronic pain

MRH can help with chronic pain

Karla Oceanak
Memorial Regional Health
Trey Gorham, left, and Keith Prescott, right, offer pain management strategies at Memorial Regional Health.
Memorial Regional Health/Courtesy photo

Chronic pain is common — but it’s also treatable.

You don’t need to keep suffering. Memorial Regional Health’s pain-management experts are here to provide answers, support and relief.

“Pain decreases quality of life,” said Trey Gorham, a certified registered nurse anesthetist and new colleague of Keith Prescott, also a CRNA, in MRH’s Pain Management Program. “If pain is not controlled, it can lead to depression, weight gain, loss of energy and the inability to do things you enjoy.”

The most common type of chronic pain Prescott and Gorham see is muscle-skeletal pain, which can be caused by an acute injury or something that has developed over time, like arthritis. Patients often describe pain in the lower back, neck, hips, knees or shoulders. Sciatica, which is a pain radiating along the sciatic nerve in the lower back and upper thighs, is also common.

“There are many reasons why someone might have pain,” said Prescott, “and it might be more than one reason at a time. Those patients who take an active role in addressing issues and engaging in possible lifestyle changes will have the best outcomes.”

To assess pain type and levels, Prescott and Gorham step a new patient through a comprehensive physical exam, health questionnaire, radiological imaging “and a lot of detective work,” said Gorham. “Many times there is more than one factor causing the pain. The treatment plan takes everything into account.”

Pain treatment can include medication, interventional procedures, physical therapy, weight loss, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic therapy and/or cognitive therapy. “Most pain has multiple causes and requires a plan from all angles,” said Gorham. “It’s much more than prescribing pain pills.”

In addition, Prescott and Gorham stay abreast of new and innovative pain-management techniques. For example, “Keith is one of the few providers in the area to offer platelet-rich plasma for all types of arthritic pain, including the spine,” Gorham said.

After treatment, what does progress look like? “For me, success is achieved when the patient can express how less pain has allowed them to enjoy life more and be the person they deserve to be,” said Gorham. “This may be small things, like being able to play golf again, or garden or play with grandchildren.” Better mood is also an indicator of success.

“Our main goal is to restore function and maximize successful outcomes for each patient,” Gorham said. “We want to help patients get back to doing the activities they enjoy and improve their quality of life.”

Welcoming Trey Gorham to MRH’s Pain Management Program

Born and raised in Craig, Trey Gorham has practiced anesthesia at MRH for five years but is new to the pain management program. “Keith Prescott and Mike Lyon were both instrumental in giving me this opportunity to serve my hometown community, and I am very grateful to them both,” he said.

Gorham obtained his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, specializing in anesthesiology, from Louisiana State University in 2016. Afterward, he was thrilled to return to Craig with his family, which includes his wife, Kelly, and their three children. “Kelly is a New Orleans native who enjoys the mountains,” he said. “Winter here is about four months too long for her, though.”

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