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Healing begins for Craig resident

To the Editor

To the Editor,
I would like to thank everyone who supported Dawn during her recent ordeal. Her back pain is still there, but at least the anxiety and stress brought on by not knowing the legal outcome is finally over. Craig is full of wonderful people and I know we could have filled the courtroom with friends willing to speak in my wife’s behalf. For the testimonal letters, thanks.
Thank you to the doctor for testifying in court on Dawn’s behalf, and a special thank you to the detective who was the investigating officer in the case, but acted as a witness for the defense. This took real courage on his part.
Thanks to all who stood up for Dawn after the story first hit our local paper. The phone calls, e-mails, hugs and words of encouragement really lifted her spirits when she needed support.
Dawn has traveled to Colorado Springs, Colo., Steamboat Springs, Colo., Fort Collins, Colo., Aspen, Colo., and Glenwood Springs, Colo., for treatment, most of it painful. With her doctor here leading the team, Dawn can see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. I pray for her every day that her pain will soon be over. That’s all she ever wanted. God bless you all.
Chuck Malley,