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Hayden Reader of the Week: Hadassah ‘Dassa’ Ward

Hadassah “Dassa” Ward is this week's Reader of the Week in Hayden.
Hadassah “Dassa” Ward is this week’s Reader of the Week in Hayden.

Reader of the Week for Hayden Public Library’s Summer Reading program is vivacious and lovely 5-year-old Hadassah Faith Ward. Hadassah “Dassa” Ward has been coming to the library since she was a baby, along with her sister Ariana, 8, and Will, 7, who both have been “Readers of the Week” in the past. She said she had been “hoping all year” that she would be the next Reader of the Week. Her parents are Kelly and Kona Ward, of Hayden. The family has two dogs, Midnight and Hitch; a goldfish named Dorothy; a guinea pig named Annie and two parakeets named Peppy and Sally.

Her favorite color is blue, but she also favors pink, and her favorite food is watermelon. Dassa likes to visit and play with her cousins Aslyn, Aspen and Layton. She also likes to play Trouble and Sorry board games with her sister and brother. She loves playing “dress-up” too, and when she grows up she will own a dress shop!

In the winter, Dassa and her family enjoy sledding and skiing. She is learning to play the violin now. She likes reading and says that one of her favorite books is “That’s Not My Penguin” by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells.

The family will soon be visiting Denver for Dassa’s cousin’s birthday celebration and will visit the zoo. She will also be attending Vacation Bible School soon. When asked what advice she would give other kids about reading, she said, “I could just read to them!”


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