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Hayden Reader of the Week: Bryley Davis

Bryley Davis is the Hayden Reader of the Week.

Reader of the Week # 3 for Hayden Public Library’s Summer Reading program is 7-year-old Bryley Davis. Her parents are Becky and Josh Horton and Chris Davis. Bryley has a brother Joshua , 6, and a sister Lauren, 7. The family has one dog, Thor, who is 13 weeks old. Thor is Anatolian and Merrimu. Bryley moved to Hayden almost a year ago from Winfield, Kansas.

Her favorite color is hot pink and she enjoys tacos, pickles and ramen noodles. Bryley likes to play with her classmate Makayla and cousin Braelyn from Winfield, who is a cheerleader. She enjoys swimming in the lake, going to the wave pool and hot springs. Bryley likes to play and watch softball, cheerleading and basketball. She will be in 3rd grade, and her favorite school subject is math. Bryley enjoys reading the “Whatever After” series by Sarah Mlynowski. She likes watching “High School Musical,” “Another Cinderella,” and every “Bring It On” cheerleading movie.

Bryley is looking forward to a road trip. The family will travel to Winfield, Kansas City, Missouri; Aurora, Illinois; Hershey, Pennsylvania; Detroit, Michigan and home. They will visit many family members and tourist places.

When asked what advice she would tell other kids about reading, she said, “Practice reading so you can get better at it.” Bryley was excited and wondered what a “Reader of the Week” is supposed to do. We told her “just read!” She chose fruit smoothies for Friday’s cooking demonstration.


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