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Hayden golfer adds another ace to hot month at golf course

Nate Waggenspack

Pete Heuer

Another local golfer has added to the Yampa Valley Golf Course history books.

Pete Heuer of Hayden hit a hole-in-one on the seventh hole of the course Thursday, the third ace of the summer. All three have come in the past month.

It was Heuer's first hole-in-one of his career, a time span of 20 years of playing golf, 12 of them at Yampa Valley Golf Course. It came on a day when Heuer was already playing well, and happened to strike the ball perfectly.

"It was during men's club. We started on the back nine, so I just had three holes left at that point and this was the last (par) 3 obviously," Heuer said. "I'd been playing pretty well all day long, hitting my irons really well. I hit it, it was looking good the whole way. I was just hoping it was the right distance. It hit just a couple feet from the hole and then I saw it disappear. I looked over and said 'I think it went in.'"

Heuer was right, his shot with a 7-iron had found the hole, but one of his playing mates wouldn't let him off easily. Heuer said Rod Branstetter was the first to go look in the cup, and told Heuer the ball wasn't in there. But Heuer said he knew Branstetter would give him a hard time, and knew the ball hadn't gone off the back of the green.

"I knew he was messing with me," Heuer said. "It was pretty much then that I knew it had gone in. It was exciting, I let out a couple of yells."

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Heuer said he didn't celebrate too much, though, because he was locked in a skins game and behind going into the seventh hole. He still wanted to focus and win the skins game after getting his ace.

"I thought to myself don't screw up on the next hole. That's what usually happens," he said. "But we ended up winning on that second nine."

Heuer's hole-in-one was the third hit at Yampa Valley Golf Course in 2012. All three have come on different holes (11, 4 and now 7) and have taken place in the last month.

Of the recent hot streak at the course, Heuer said it's probably just lucky coincidence.

"I think it's just a nice lucky streak for everybody. I mean to get a hole in one, obviously its very rare," he said. "It's not like they happen every day, so it takes a lot of luck to go in."

There is a men's club pot at Yampa Valley that Heuer now has rights to. As of Sunday, he hadn't heard what he had won from the pot, but sad he is looking forward to being notified.

Whatever he wins, Heuer said the sweetest part was getting to hit the shot on the course he has played for years, especially in front of some friends.

"I think it's more exciting hitting one at your home course," he said. "It's even better that Rodney (Branstetter) was playing with me. I would rather not be playing with anyone one the golf course than him for that. We've got a bit of competition."

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