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Harry Peroulis: Support Hagenbuch

— To the editor:

During the campaign, I have on numerous occasions taken the time to listen to the District 57 candidates either speak or debate, and each time I came away more and more convinced that Todd Hagenbuch is the clear choice to represent the district. And believe me, I am a lifelong Republican, so I really needed convincing.

In my opinion, knowing Todd’s family history and regard for unique Western Slope issues, I am sure all Western Slope residents will be pleased with how effective he can speak on our behalf in Denver. Although voting right on issues that affect us is very important, it is equally important to influence other legislators to see things as we do. If you know Todd, he has skin in the game, so he will take it seriously.

Todd, I am supporting you, but the Ronald Reagan in me – “trust but verify” – is also watching you. Best of luck.

Harry Peroulis