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H. William Baker: Seeking information

H. William Baker

To the editor:

My father, William Henry Baker, M.D., had a brother — Charles E. Baker — who in the 1860s went west and ultimately settled in Craig, where he and his wife, Cora, operated a hostelry in Craig and operated a ranch in that general area. In addition, Charles taught school and was a city official a number of times.

My daughter, Cindi, has researched available print information published in your newspaper and discovered many “hits” referencing his activities.

The reason for this letter is the fact that Cindi and I are planning to visit Craig and the surrounding area in April or May of next year in order to develop additional ancestral data regarding Charles and to visit some of the locales where he lived and worked.

From what we have learned about Charles, it would seem that there are endless places to pursue our searching. Therefore, we are asking for suggestions: Newspapers and articles therein, museums historical and genealogical societies, whatever assistance you can provide will be appreciated.

H. William Baker

San Mateo, Calif.


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