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H. Neal Glanville: Volunteers and snow tires

H. Neal Glanville

I’m a great believer in volunteerism.

It’s one of a very few things you can give away just for the fun of giving it away. There’s nothing to buy, sell or rent.

You gather with a group of people that prefer giving back to the community in a quite, no-nonsense manner, and just pitch in the best you can.

One good example of this would be the housing project on Yampa Avenue that The Moffat County Fuller Center has taken on.

No longer will the boarded up Simmons Rooming House be an eyesore or stopping off point for who knows what. It will soon be“an energy efficient” duplex, housing families in need.

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The bottom line here is simple: If you can hold a paint brush, swing a hammer or maybe just pack lumber, get a hold of Mr. Neil Folks and his organization and volunteer. I don’t expect much call for shovel leaners, but if you can use one, show up.

Another excellent young man contributing to our community is 19-year-old Clint Gabbert. Clint, as many of you know, has gained the reputation as king of the Christmas light show. What apparently started as an experiment with lights and a computer program, has become a 20-mile trip to the lights fantastic.

As Mr. Gabbert’s light show grew, visitors started leaving unsolicited donations, thanking the family for their efforts.

Understandably, the family was both surprised by the monetary gifts and at a loss as to what they should do with the gracious donations.

After a slight bump in the road from various national foundations, the Gabberts decided to find a local need for their money, and did so.

They donated last year’s Christmas money to a Hayden resident stricken with lymphoma.

This year, young Clint is going to have a Halloween-themed light show in front of his Jungle Pet Shop in downtown Craig. Once again, any donations received will be voluntarily given to a worthy cause — this time it’s the Humane Society of Moffat County.

My tip: As you run the gauntlet of sugar starved kids next week, voluntarily donate some change. The cause is good and you’ll feel good for giving.

Now for something completely different

When I returned home this time, I was a bit disappointed to see that the Harris Lumber Yard was closed and Moffat Lumber wasn’t too far away from closing its doors.

Having a slight stiffness in my neck, I found it hard to shop at Samuelson’s Hardware for anything that I couldn’t live without. As time passed and the sales people saw through my rough and at times grouchy exterior, some of us have become more than the usual, “May I help you sir?”

We’ve become friends.

Samuelson’s, as a whole, goes way beyond the normal side of customer service and more often as not will go the extra step when needed, which sometimes means holding me to the ground for a donut.

Of course, all our local businesses go the extra mile, and when possible I shall bring them into the light for the recognition they deserve.

And finally

Please don’t wait until the last nanosecond to get your snow tires on — the slide you save may be into Old Blue.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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