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H. Neal Glanville: Traditions held and then broken

H. Neal Glanville

It’s the end of January and I’m going to break with an almost lifelong tradition of being resolute about resolutions.

I’ve always thought that coming up with something you may or may not be doing that needs some sort of repair is fibbing to your friends and then truly lying to yourself.

Of course, that’s not to say we shouldn’t try and live our lives a little better, but it is my firm belief we should chip away at the crud of adulthood a little each day and fall asleep knowing we did our best, instead of being prideful we stole a bigger piece of the pie than our neighbor and got away with it.

When I wrote the column about the Moffat County School District’s test results, my best was being led by anger and the disbelief by some of the people I spoke with that our educational system has any problems that can’t be fixed by a snap of the fingers or pumping more money into something that’s not only broken, but is falling apart around us.

If you chose to ignore this fact, well, that’s your goat and you’ve got to ride it.

You can, however, start paying attention to the television ads that are marketing products aimed directly at the new bearers of the crud of adulthood and decide for yourself if there’s a problem or not.

I broke with another almost lifelong tradition this year.

No, I didn’t watch the presidential address on the state of the country, but I did read his speech the next day and have seen the sound bites on various news programs.

The weak side has but one question: When has a tax of any sort ever created a long-term job?

Now something completely different

One of the long-standing arguments between me and my grandfather was over capital punishment.

His side was simple — if you break a certain list of laws, your trial will be fair and complete. If you’re found guilty, it’s the death penalty. No life sentence at his expense, and no appeal process wasting the good part of the century.

My side was complicated and windy. I was young and foolish to the world’s ways and didn’t understand the rule of law.

I now have my own list of crimes and two up from the top is any crime involving the sexual exploitation of children.

Like my grandfather, your trial would be fair and complete, and then you’re done. Any officer of the court who daydreams about a plea bargain needs a morality check.

And finally

It’s well known and documented that I’m not a people person, and a crowd of any sort petrifies me beyond description, which is one reason I’m always surprised when someone likes me.

The fact that someone would marry me and still like me is boggling even to the weak side.

But, she did, and it’s her birthday.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Hey, you be careful out there and stay to the light.

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