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H. Neal Glanville: Sewing up the loopholes

H. Neal Glanville

As we approach the mid-term elections, the majority of us realize any change no matter how slight is a step in the right direction.

The name-calling and attempts at degrading an opponent’s character are in fact “much ado about nothing.”

Very little can be said about a candidate’s personal life that hasn’t been magnified tenfold by some pork barrel-fed rug rat that’s been in office long enough to know just how hard to pull on anyone’s string and just when to let go.

It’s as if you get a baseball game started with the only kid that has a useable ball, but he’ll only play if he can bat first and be the pitcher.

Of course you let him, but only until you can gather enough friends together willing to hunt soda-pop bottles to buy your own ball.

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Then, he’s on his own in deep centerfield, kicking dirt clods and wondering aloud why no one likes him any more.

Maybe it’s true we don’t like him. But, more to the fact, we don’t like what he pretends to stand for.

I would like to believe that’s what members of the tea party are trying to accomplish — if you’re going to promise us the moon, then bring enough rope to throw a loop around it.

If you want a chicken in every pot, start raising chickens in your backyard with your money, not mine.

We are on the verge of that very short slide down the road to entitlements.

Throughout our history, we have promised people things we can never deliver, nor print enough money for. It has failed, and the reason it fails is because the entitled people begin to believe they should have more.

A current example of this is occurring in France.

A very dear friend and fellow writer Michael Macy has reported to me from Germany that “violent strikes have almost paralyzed France, stopping trains and most air flights.”

He also reports “many gas stations are out of fuel and looting has become commonplace.” All this because the French government wants to cut back on its freebies, and raise the retirement age two years.

This hopefully will keep the country solvent long enough to find a long-term solution. If this doesn’t work, who will step up and print more money to bail this country out?

I still believe the founders of our Republic knew that the expansion of free enterprise, less the heavy finger of government, would build a nation that would stand above all others as an example of freedom and the rule of law.

We must not forget the original tea party wasn’t just because of taxes — it was also against the loopholes in the new tea tax law.

And finally

I’d like to thank the staff at Safeway, and assistant manager Mike Knutson at Wal-Mart for supplying helium for the balloons used for the vigil for Russell Walsh on Thursday night.

I am in your debt.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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