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H. Neal Glanville: Puttin’ on the long pants

H. Neal Glanville

We’ve had our moment of spring and it’s time to put those plants that won’t freeze into the ground.


It’s also time for the wrangling, hedgehopping politicians to start the grimy trail to the presidency.

I believe several things are absolute in the next year or so. Of course, we’ll have the new, much better for you, blame game and the promises will be bigger than ever.

Why do these candidates give their word on deals they can’t keep? When their terms end, who is there to carry the weight of the promise?

With unemployment at the present level and the economy going nowhere but down, President Barack Obama would be the first Democratic president reelected since F.D.R. under the same conditions.

We, as a nation, should stop looking to the government for “entitled” help. We need to put our long pants on, pull our hats down, and let a free market pull us out of this.

Giving money away to countries that can’t zip up their own pants is the simpleton’s promise of good luck on the next roll of the dice.

I’ll bet one of my Bamboo fly-rods that none of the candidates presently tip-toeing around the pond will be our next president-elect.

Funny I should bring up fishing.

This is the weekend to become a kid all over again.

Grab your sons and daughters, head over to the Moffat County Public Safety Center, and join the party.

The rumors of huge fish are in fact a reality. My granddaughter, Sarah, has released two trout well over 5 pounds, and if they’ve made the winter they’re sure to be fun to catch.

Our stretch of the river probably won’t be fishable until almost July. But, fear not, I shall venture forth and report on the spots that are.

And finally

I’m not known for agreeing with the Editorial Board, but as to Grand Olde West Days, I sort of agree.

This is an event that shouldn’t be scrapped — all it really needs is a little revamping with another event later in the year.

You can’t take the fun out of it, but the profit margin is bound to be greater in better weather.

Hey, you be careful out there and stay to the light.

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