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H. Neal Glanville: Of mice and fish

H. Neal Glanville

H. Neal Glanville

Most of my life has been consumed by fishing.

I'd be more than happy to say all of it, but my earliest years were spent working babyhood for all I could get.

My first fishing rod was a 6-foot chunk of quarter-round molding with string attached.

I was carried to a stretch of Little Cottonwood Creek, put beside the bank and I fished.

I've been told I dunked, dappled and even prayed with my bait. In short terms, I ended up giving the worm his freedom.

It's true that I didn't come home with any fish, but my pockets were full of bugs and creepy crawlies.

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My life as a fisher of flies had become.

My grandfather and several uncles introduced me to the fun and intense art of fly-tying.

As time passed, the weak side and I became very proficient at making bits of this and that appear tasty to trout.

In those days, our leaders were called "cat gut" and had to be soaked into pliability before each use.

We each carried a leather fly book full of our personal favorites, a bamboo creel and our beloved fly rods.

We saw no need, as some folks do today, to pack around a bunch of store bought stuff just to have something to brag on.

My grandfather was famous for catching live mice, putting them on a wooden roof shingle and placing them in the current.

I'd daydream of Huckleberry Finn as that mouse floated to the spot Grandpa had picked as a home for a monster trout.

Gently flicking the mouse overboard, we'd watch him paddle his little feet, knowing any second he'd become breakfast or a late lunch for a sizable Brown Trout.

I know somewhere out there is a rejected tree hugger who's taken up the cause of homeless mice and their mistreatment.

If, by chance, you see me utilizing the wooden shingle technique, feel free to call the mouse police.

I can always use more mice and I'd gladly pay the ticket.

Now for something completely different

Our short moment of spring is about to begin.

Please take time to clean up your yard so the city deer won't trip over something you forgot to put away last winter.

The thought of a lawyer representing a deer, though funny, might come true if the liberal winds blow the right way.

And finally

The big pike contest is really coming closer to reality, unlike some other intergovernmental stuff that seems to drag on and on.

We should be announcing the date fairly soon and it must be noted that this is all and only for the Children's Miracle Network.

Hey, you be careful out there, and stay to the light.

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