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H. Neal Glanville: Observation — the sequel

H. Neal Glanville

H. Neal Glanville

Today's column is brought to you by those who wonder, "Why on earth?" There's also contributions from a gob of people who couldn't be polite if it rained on them.

As to the why question, the crud of adulthood would like to know if a reason exists that our time should be wasted with the televised exploits of a drug addict?

We do not need to hear, see or read about every slightest thing this selfish man has done to those around him.

He should become the poster child for the dark side of the Planet Stupid and left to end his life in his own puddle.

Of course, when the end comes, he'll be remembered as a kind, soft teddy bear who was "just misunderstood."

Another why question is the Moffat County School Board's approach to the ongoing problem with the swimming pool?

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Has anyone qualified actually inspected the pool and given us a hard number to deal with?

I'm not about to OK the rumors of a repair that may cost $30,000 to more than $1 million.

If the pool is closed and dismantled, what use will come of the building and at what cost?

Some have theorized the city and county, along with the school board, have their own version of musical dollars going on. Unfortunately, there are only three chairs and there's always somebody left standing — the voters.

Onto another topic. I've come to grips with the hospital advertising for doctors and that it's the "new home for surgery."

But, I fail to see the purpose of offering specialized services at a rate that appears to put the service, Botox injections, on sale.

I'm well known for buying cheap jeans and T-shirts, but I think I'll pass on any medical procedure on sale.

As to the impolite, how hard can it possibly be to add a smile and a thank you to the customer that's helping pay your bills?

Three times a week I walk into one of our local businesses and I'm always greeted with honest smiles and good mornings.

When I have to call this company, the same attitude comes across on the phone.

However, its' sister company, a mere 40 miles and a bit to the east, are the rudest people I've ever dealt with over the phone and can only see them as rude in person.

Our granddaughter Hailey's favorite impoliteness is the inability of people to text a message using actual words, spelled correctly, that complete a thought.

Another is call waiting. You take the time to call someone and part of the way through your conversation they put you on hold because their phone is beeping that secret code in their ear that someone more important than you wants to talk to them.

And finally

The Craig Daily Press Editorial Board is on the money regarding the proposed second fire station.

Just because the west side of town might grow is no reason to waste leftover money on a chunk of blue sky.

Hey, you be careful out there, and stay to the light.

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