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H. Neal Glanville: Night vision and spotlights on the great deer hunt

H. Neal Glanville

I had thought better of speaking about Craig’s deer “problem,” having poked common sense at it several times in the past, but in light of comments by my 11-year-old grandson, Trey Daniel Gallegos, I thought common sense should raise its ugly head, once more.

While Grandma Jane was cruising town with Trey, the subject of killing the city deer came up and Trey remarked “the only deer you see in town, Grandma, are does and fawns, and they just come to town to stay safe.”

While this is, by my two-day count, fairly true, there are some bucks in town and they all have the instinct to hide in and eat the local property owners’ bushes and such. After all, if it was good enough for their parents and grandparents, why should they change restaurants?

I’m extremely sorry that anyone’s yip-yip dog was injured or killed by a deer that was protecting whatever it was it was protecting, but as I recall, any animal harassing livestock or game animals can be shot with cause. I’m afraid that eating Lilac bushes isn’t cause.

As to capturing the deer and relocating them, any good deer hunter knows these mule-eared bushwhackers are habitual and love returning to their favorite eateries, so how far will they be transported?

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Baiting the deer, which is illegal for other species, is creating quite a problem in other mountain communities.

Brings back memories of the yearly in-town skunk hunts we had in Craig. Although we didn’t actually bait the skunks, we did rid the town of the skunks for a time.

If the DOW decides to bait and hunt these deer after dark, I’m curious if night vision or spotlights fall into the fair chase column?

Now for something completely different

I’ve had several comments and an e-mail about the local businesses that chose to participate in last week’s balloon vigil for Russell Walsh, and those that choose not to.

I’m not sure why any local business wouldn’t want to give away a little helium to help

celebrate a young man’s life. But then again, I don’t understand why owners and managers of any business in any town don’t read their local paper to see what’s going on locally and be a part of it.

In business 101, it’s called community relations.

And finally

Since I’m no longer allowed to hide in the bushes or under our porch to scare kids and grownups in search of a gob of sugar, Jane’s rule, I’d like everyone to be very safe and enjoy the holiday.

Hey, you be careful out there

P.S. If the deer hunt proceeds, will we have to change the story of Bambi to be politically correct?

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