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H. Neal Glanville: Medicinal fat dogs the wrong topic

H. Neal Glanville

H. Neal Glanville

Every third blue moon or so, something happens or is said that starts a day off with uncontrollable giggle box attacks.

For instance, take the 911 call from a disgruntled customer of Chinese takeout. The caller wanted the delivery person and the restaurant arrested for delivering the wrong order.

I love Chinese food, but experience has taught me that Jane is the best reminder of what to order, and that no matter how hard I stare at the pictures, I'll never eat the food.

Another favorite is a call from a Nampa, Idaho, homeschooled youngster, who requested a police officer be dispatched to keep his older brother from tickling him while he studied.

After the dispatcher spoke with the older boy, the tickling stopped, the day's lessons were completed and the brothers went fishing.

I can't imagine who took them.

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Edging way to the top of my giggle chart is the alleged concern over the use of medicinal marijuana in Steamboat Springs, and the alleged worry over its growing influence in Craig.

After you've admitted your error aloud, Craig City Council member Byron Willems, take the much-needed time and read local surveys that strongly state teenage abuse of alcohol is by far a greater problem than twisting up a medicinal fat dog.

So much for social hosting.

To paraphrase my stepson, "Every washed-up or new candidate for any political job usually drives the same type of vehicle to each rally. It blows smoke one way getting there and both ways at the podium."

Now for something completely different

Last Friday, I was wiggling "Old Blue" up to my third favorite fishing hole.

When glancing in the rearview mirror, I spotted a dog chasing me up the road. Thinking it might be a sheepherder's dog, I ignored him and daydreamed of the trout about to be caught.

After a mile and a bit, I glanced back again and the dog was still coming up. Pulling over, I let the ill-fed puppy catch up and started making friends with him.

I fed him my snacks and we both used up my bottles of water. I lifted him into the truck for a ride home, only to discover "Old Blue" had vapor locked.

Of course, I looked skyward, wondering what else might happen before chunks of sky started smacking into my bald spot.

But, as life will have it, two young ladies drove up and offered to pull me to the highway. As the pulling began, "Blue" fired up and we were on our way home.

Thanks to the young ladies for your kindly help and concern for the lost puppy.

Hey, you be careful out there, and stay to the light.

Craig Daily Press columnist H. Neal Glanville can be reached at hnealglanville@gmail.com.

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