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H. Neal Glanville: Lost marbles and common sense

H. Neal Glanville

Remember grade school, when looking forward to recess pretty much carried the day?

Waiting for your turn on the big slide or getting tangled up in the monkey bars was little kid stuff compared to getting on the swing to see if you could make it go all the way around.

It was also memorable trying to find your oiled baseball glove with last year’s ball wrapped tight inside with the belt you were supposed to use to hold up Sunday pants.

The extended time at lunch was often used for pulling June grass and having dirt clod fights, which always ended with somebody going to the nurse’s office for a blood transfusion.

It was common practice for boys to carry at least two marble-sized ball bearings in their pockets during marble season. Of course, they were somewhat painted to resemble an actual marble, but after one hit, the paint would start chipping off and you were banned for the day.

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One of my worthless cousins thought a magnetized ball bearing was the way to go and spent an hour painting it to marble-like perfection. He’d won quite a few marbles until Mr. Brown noticed it stuck to another “marble,” and he was banned from the marble ring for the entire fourth grade.

I bring up the word recess because of its remarkable similarity to what our government does whenever the mood seems to strike them. Of course, they don’t rush home and play ball or marbles, they instead bully their way around asking for votes and money.

I’m not sure which they ask for first, but they’ve got their hand out, nonetheless.

When things don’t work out the way they’ve planned and an economic glitch appears on the horizon, they return to Washington, D.C., and proclaim to all that their opponent or next door neighbor or the guy that found the potato chip shaped like Godzilla have screwed everything up, and we’re headed into a recession.

I find no similarity between recess, running outside to have fun, and adding “ion” to it, just to tell us there is no more fun for awhile, but a committee has been formed to look into the problem.

Why is it when a group of politicians can’t make a decision, they always say, “Let’s form a committee to look into it?”

If you’re already crammed into a room full of people, it’s obvious there’s a problem and putting together a bunch of people to study something that everyone already agrees is a problem lacks a bucket full of common sense.

An example would be getting caught filling a flour sack with someone else’s apples; did anyone send the butt kicking you were about to get to committee?

Doubt it.

A decision was made and the butt kicking was on its way.

And finally

I’d like to personally thank the city of Craig, Moffat County High School, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265, Thunder Rolls Bowling Center and American Northwest Realty for their participation in our Veterans Day celebration.

I, like many other combat veterans, squeak through each day wondering why we’re home and someone else isn’t. Your participation and thanks takes the edge off this very solemn day.

Thank you, and hey, you be careful out there.

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