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H. Neal Glanville: Lost in land why, how come

I have been to the river, and spring is creeping our way — slowly perhaps, but it’s coming.

It sounds silly coming from a fish-alcoholic who loves winter, but we should brush the next few storms off and begin doing our part to clean up the mess the snow has hidden these past six months.

With the warming weather, we can expect smiling faces and attitudes free of cabin fever. We even may get an understandable explanation of the new health care bill before it’s ruled unconstitutional.

On another note, it was nice to read that in spite of staff shortages, The Memorial Hospital is making money, hopefully enough to keep the front doors open on the weekends. I miss those dear ladies in pink at the front door, always with a smile, a kind word and directions to a patient’s room.

And I know the weak side of my brain takes over sometimes, but why would we build a brand spanking new school without a sidewalk in front of it?

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I know, CDOT this and school district that, but why wasn’t it figured in the original school bid?

Speaking of why, why is the Front Range all a flitter about coal-fired power plants, and why is Routt County is thinking of opening another coal mine?

Before we leave the land of why and how come, who is in charge of cleaning up road kill?

I ask this before the inevitable letter to the editor happens and to forever have an answer.

Now for something completely different

In the days of long ago, I took a job as the Easter bunny for a major department store. The job was fairly simple: sit still while a bazillion children take turns sitting on my lap to have their picture taken with the furry fellow.

I was paid per picture, so my temperament had to remain fairly even for six hours a day. On the next to final day, I discovered that if I remained very still some of the older children would sneak up and try pulling my ears off.

Not wanting to spoil their fun, I would sit ever so still until their pudgy little fingers went for the prize, and then I would jump up making rabid rabbit noises.

Great fun was had by me until one youngster was so frightened he wet himself, and his mom demanded my immediate termination or she was going to sue me and the store. I can understand suing the store, but the Easter Bunny?

What was she hoping for? Extra eggs or candy?

This year, as last, I shall have the weekly fishing report on our local waters. Last year, I tried to find a sponsor for a children’s fishing contest; maybe this year I’ll have better luck with a sponsor and we can get more children involved in outdoor activities.

And finally

As the economy worsens and unemployment increases, we need to remember that as a community, we can get through these hard times by depending on and helping each other. Instead of holding our hands out, let’s “pay it forward” and make it through this.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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