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H. Neal Glanville: Little miracles

H. Neal Glanville

H. Neal Glanville

There'll be no words this Friday of worthless cousins or the planet stupid.

This is the weekend for the miracle of spring. By nature's clock, I'm unsure how long it lasts. In real time, maybe an hour or so.

Oh sure, it's going to snow again before the end of June, but why worry on the inevitable?

Live dangerously — find a bike and try to find Maybell. I spent six months there one weekend, so I'll just keep that memory.

As I've been told, my last dance at Browns Park was somewhat the same, but you can't beat the 'park' for a good hooray.

If you love track and field, head up the hill to Moffat County High School and scream till you're hoarse. The sheer determination of these athletes should shame all the couch potatoes and those of us who think we're one step ahead of the pack.

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My personal favorite for the weekend is our Hometown Heroes Picnic.

Real heroes aren't mentioned in the liberal media much. But thanks to the Craig Daily Press, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Pepsi, the Lions Club, Brothers Processing, and a wagon load of others, we can walk among and remember with pride, what a republic stands for and costs.

I've known three honest heroes in my life — my father, Gerald S. Glanville, who helped keep the aircraft carrier USS Franklin from sinking during the second World War, my brother, Kris, the toughest kid in all of Butler, Utah, history who saved an unknown number of men from certain death by disobeying a direct order, and the enemy soldier who decided saving my life was … well, I don't know why.

After you've covered the town's events, bring the kids out to the Wyman Museum. A handful of friends and I will be hanging out at the Glen Sherman Park fishing pond.

There'll be fishing, prize's and for the daring, a lesson or two in the art of fly-fishing.

All we ask is a donation to the Children's Miracle Network.

There can be no better way to welcome spring than honoring our heroes and having fun with our kids.

And finally

I need to work a treble hook out of someone's behind before we get the official "ya, sure" on our big pike contest. But, I shall prevail.

Hey, you be careful out there, and stay to the light.

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