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H. Neal Glanville: Jane’s right — again

H. Neal Glanville

H. Neal Glanville

A bit before Jane and I were married, I received a baseball-sized kitten as a gift and something to keep me company. I promptly named him Fred, which as time past became Fredrico Ramone of Hollywood.

As life will have it, Fred and I slipped into a very quirky relationship that includes attacking each other when I come home and leaving each other alone when necessary.

He only responds to his name and a few hand signals we've taught each other over the years. You can call "kitty, kitty" until you're pink in the face, and as our grandchildren attest, "you'll just get pinker."

When time arrived for his journey to the vet for fixing, I had Jane bring her pet carrier thing over when I wasn't there and bring him home the same way. I couldn't carry that guilt and figured he'd remember Jane as the evil one and me as the one who nursed him back to health.

As the months passed, Jane would repeatedly tell me how big Fred was getting and I'd look at him, laugh, and remind her "it's just a cat, how big can he get?"

Well, once again she's right and I'm left shaking my head.

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Fred has grown into his snowshoe paws and can now stand on his hind legs and watch what you're doing on the kitchen island.

He will only respond to Jane or me. If you're a stranger, he'll lay just inside the hallway, the very tip of his tail twitching, waiting.

If you move about or get up to leave, he rises up with you and growls. When you think he should know you, he'll walk over, rub his head on your feet, and lay on them, growling if you move.

I suppose, after all is said and done, that wives' tales about pets and their counterparts are true.

Now, for something completely different

Mrs. "G," as she's known to kids at school, has been asked by the folks at Walmart to head up their Relay for Life Team this year.

As a survivor of the "Big C" and constant companion to its effects on life in general, there's no better choice.

As a reader of this column, fan or not, find some way to help Relay for Life this year.

And finally

Only two snowstorms to go and we'll have our hint of spring. Hey, you be careful out there and stay to the light.

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