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H. Neal Glanville: Enjoying the years go by

H. Neal Glanville

H. Neal Glanville

As my love affair with Craig begins its 40th-plus year, I'm torn between a traditional anniversary gift or mourning the loss of a year or two that "snuck around the back" and got away.

I'll listen to reasonable gift ideas from residents, but please, though noble as it may be, keep the idea of "The Last Deer in Craig, America," statue to yourself.

The normal side won't admit it, but the weak side had a minor role in feeding several families during the busted winters of the early 1970s.

It probably won't look good on his resume that he may have knocked off more than one cousin of that last deer.

We won't mention the effects a grieving doe would have in open court. It is what it was.

A traditional anniversary gift should lean on the past for inspiration and look to the future as a place to pull over for needed adjustments.

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Non-inspirationally speaking, leaving vehicle doors unlocked or windows down in Craig was something you did without thought or worry.

Now we have to double lock everything and hope big brother's cameras have an eye on us.

Life has shown me opportunistic thieves are just that — opportunistic. Their defense of "the door or window was open" reeks of how deep these entitled curs have embedded themselves in society.

In the future, "let's go to the videotape" will become words to prosecute by, or as we did in the old days, simply pull over for that needed adjustment.

At any rate, I'm more than a little surprised I've lived long enough to enjoy all these years, and I hope I make the big 50.

And finally

Our stretch of the river is still dangerously out of control and needs, contrary to some beliefs, at least a month before fishing and floating are safe.

The east pond at Loudy Simpson Park has produced some very nice pike and a few medium trout. The west pond is an exercise in futility and should only be fished if you need a mid-afternoon nap.

Hey, you be careful out there, and stay to the light.

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