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H. Neal Glanville: An error corrected

— Before I get carried away with this week’s column, I must call attention to a grievous error I made last week referring to Jaceson VanGrandt as my son-in-law.

Jaceson is a lot of things and has been called many more things, but son-in-law to me is unfair and a little scary.

He is in truth my stepson. A fine young man that will some day make a fair fisherman who just needs more practice with his step-father.

Nice to read that Baggs and Dixon, Wyo., are finally going to get their community center. It shows what hard work and a touch of luck can do.

I may be wrong, but I don’t recall hearing or reading anything in the past about the town’s folk forming numerous committees to look into the feasibility of a community center.

Some of the locals just decided the towns needed a center and away they went.

Oh, sure, it took 10 years but like most things you work for it will be something to be proud of.

I wonder if we had something like that for the area teenagers if our school dropout rate would decline along with the underage drinking problem.

Speaking of drinking, I’m at a loss trying to understand the social host ordinance. If a person of legal age buys alcohol for minor consumption isn’t that illegal?

Trying to discolor this infraction by saying it will be on private property and supervised by adults (who I’m sure won’t be drinking) makes no sense at all.

Even if I shut off the weak side of my brain and let the logical side work overtime (without pay) trying to figure this out there is not one positive reason to even discuss this ordinance, let alone pass it.

Also, the weak side of my brain has figured out a small but significant part of our health care problem.

It’s those inane pharmaceutical ads on TV.

We are gently force fed the new wonder drug for 10 seconds and the next 50 are spent telling us how terrible the side effects can be. We, being the goats, head for the doctor’s office with nothing apparently wrong with us, pay his fee, then ask for that particular drug we are certain will cure the creeping crud we’ve had for years.

Whether the doctor prescribes the drug or not is pretty much immaterial. We’ve just wasted X dollars on a doctor’s visit we didn’t really need.

Could that be why some costs keep going up?

Until next time :

Yup, there I was surrounded by gasping voices with column ideas, when I said to my self, “Self,” I said cause that’s what I call myself when I’m talking to myself, “remember what Roy said. If you tell him something smart to write about, it’ll just come out dumb.” Thank you for your time

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