Griffith Op-Ed: Neighbor to neighbor |

Griffith Op-Ed: Neighbor to neighbor

Danny and Teri Griffith, owners of JW Snack’s Gulf Coast Bar & Grill.
Danny Griffith/courtesy

Most small business owners go to the beat of a different drummer. Most small business owners are leaders not followers; they take the bull by the horns and they make things happen.

They help the community by employing people. This enriches those people’s lives to where they can afford to live, buy groceries, make car payments, pay rent or mortgage, pay utilities and put clothes on their backs and those of their families.

As a small business owner you are met with the constant bump in the road, sometimes a roadblock. Under these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, these bumps and roadblocks have never been more evident.

As a small business owner, one must look at the big picture all the time.

The norm in fact is that there is no norm. It’s not the “new norm” it’s not the “old norm,”; it’s just norm. They just roll with it, making the best of a bad situation or attempting to make the best of any situation.

Luckily, aid has been provided on local, state and federal levels for many of our small businesses. That money has been allocated for small businesses, frankly, to utilize to stay in business until the smoke clears. Many small businesses are wrapped up – literally – in just keeping their doors open and the lights on.

If one can take the time to fill out a small bit of paperwork, a lot of “small business financial relief” is out there. If no one takes advantage of it, it will go away.

The 2020 hunting season has been a catch-22, a double-edged sword. The county of Moffat and the city of Craig have sorely needed that financial shot in the arm that we get every year through the hunters, who come from all over the country to visit our little piece of paradise.

These hunters bring in an incredible amount of money to our community. They bring stories of being in our town in the past and what a good time they’ve had and why they come back every year.

They love our town and they love our people because after all we are “CRAIG AMERICANS.”

When many of these hunters showed up in the valley this season, they were surprised at how the virus was nearly non existent in this area, as if we were somehow exempt.

Everyone let their guard down; locals and travelers alike let their guard down, myself included. Consequently, after we have received our hunting season financial shot in the arm, a lot of our fun-loving hunters have returned home to enjoy the holidays with their families.

It is my belief that we have now been left with a burden. Unfortunately, a viral burden. I have not substantiated what I’m about to say, however, through my eyes it has been very evident that people are getting sicker and sicker by the day.

So, while we sit back and enjoy the financial shot in the arm that we have received, we as citizens must also look at the big picture. That big picture being the giant influx of of Americans coming from all over the country to enjoy our piece of paradise.

If you watch the news at all you will notice that people nearly everywhere in this country are suffering from this pandemic. Even though we haven’t been in the thick of it for a long time, we have unfortunately suffered many casualties.

Please keep your guard up as we experience the ramifications of a lot of virus-carrying people who have visited our valley recently. That saying, “you have to take the bad with the good,” well, we’ve had our short, sweet taste of the good, and now we must swallow this awful bitter pill of the bad.

While were choking down that bitter pill, please take time this holiday season to stop in to a small business and “spend a little and enjoy a lot.” Just imagining what these small business owners do for us and our community truly warms ones heart. Like a vertebrae, they are small in size but when brought together they make our community stand tall, strong and healthy.

I know this sounds repetitive, however, I feel it needs repeated: please, please, please, wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, be respectful and make it a priority to try to stay healthy.

Danny Griffith is the owner of J.W. Snack’s Gulf Coast Bar and Grill.

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