Greg Roberts: Support referendums C, D; Money will help |

Greg Roberts: Support referendums C, D; Money will help

To the editor:

Thank you for your thoughtful and informative editorial in support of referendums C and D. I would also like to voice my support. TABOR severely restricted the amount that our state’s budget can grow. The population of Colorado has grown tremendously in the past few years, but the state budget is not able to keep up. Because of this, services that we used to take pride in have withered away. Colorado now ranks seventh worst in the nation for childhood immunization rates, third worst in percent of low-income uninsured children, and is the eighth worst in teen suicide rates.

Obviously, money is not the only thing needed to fix these dismal statistics, but money will play a crucial role. As a health care worker, nearly every day I witness people going without needed medicines and medical help because of finances. The VNA used to provide tremendous support to people needing home visits, vaccinations, well child checks, and well women’s care. The VNA still makes a valiant effort, but they have had to make huge cuts in their services because of a lack of state and other funding. My friends in the public schools and at CNCC tell me about enormous cuts in their programs, as well.

Thirty percent of the money from Referendum C will go to K-12 education, 30 percent to health care, 30 percent to community and state colleges, and 10 percent repayment of the Referendum D bonds. This is money desperately needed by those programs in Colorado.

There have been some misleading statements made by detractors of C and D. If these referendums pass, and if you now get a refund on your state tax withholdings, you will still get that refund. If they pass, you will still pay the same tax rate that you do now. According to the Blue Book, the average taxpayer will be giving up only $71 more in 2007 if the referendums pass. This is a tiny amount compared to the benefits gained.

Please join me in voting in favor of referendums C and D. We are a state that cares enough to take care of one another.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Roberts, MD

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