Greg Cortez: Vote for Baxter |

Greg Cortez: Vote for Baxter

To the editor:

Jo Ann Baxter was my history teacher in high school, she made history interesting to her students because of her enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of history. This intensity that Jo Ann brought to the class room is the same devotion that I feel she will bring to representing the citizens of District 57.

I have called Jo Ann several times over the past few years to ask her questions about the American System of Government and her answers were accurate and compelling. Our discussion over the phone about the Electoral College versus the popular vote was my favorite, and she explained to me the advantages of the electoral system.

We need a representative from our community that has studied history and government for a lifetime and who has earned a PhD in Educational Leadership along the way, further demonstrating her energy and work ethic.

In one our conversations she stated that we need a well-educated populace in order to improve our economic status. My father was a teacher in Craig for over 25 years and he always stressed the importance of a good education and in improving our schools, this same spirit is alive and well in Jo Ann Baxter.

In another discussion we talked about the importance of coal in our area and in the state of Colorado. Jo Ann said to me that without coal Craig and surrounding area would not be as prosperous as it is today and that coal is very important to our energy needs.

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Also she said that the mines provide coal miners with permanent work and these individuals contribute to and build a strong community.

It is time fellow voters that we have a well informed energetic candidate represent us from our community in Craig; someone that will take our concerns to the House and be a voice for education and energy in our State.

Vote Jo Ann Baxter District 57.

Greg Cortez

Craig, Colorado