Graduation 2018: To the Moffat County High School Class of 2018 |

Graduation 2018: To the Moffat County High School Class of 2018

Moffat County School District Superintendent David Ulrich
David Ulrich
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As superintendent, I cannot fully express how proud I am of you and your accomplishments! Earning your high school diploma is a great step toward securing a successful future. As I try and determine a meaningful message to convey, I immediately think of what I would have liked to hear 30 years ago, when I graduated. When I apply that lens, I cannot help but think of three specific lessons I have learned throughout my adult life that would have helped had I learned them earlier. Each lesson is captured brilliantly in “The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership,” by Steven Sample.

The first idea I hope you apply to the new chapter in your life is to think “gray and free.” Dr. Sample writes, “Most people are binary and instant in their judgments; they immediately categorize things as good or bad, true or false, black or white, friend or foe.” I encourage you to suspend this inclination in order to see all sides of a situation, which will enable you to truly think for yourself. Do not take the easy path of placing new ideas into distinct categories. As a graduate of Moffat County High School, I hope you enthusiastically embrace new ideas!

Second, I want you to be able to be an “artful listener.” Be an independent thinker, while, at the same time, seeking to understand the thinking of others. Listen to what others have to say about issues without surrendering your principles or judgment. Cultivate the skill of listening first and talking later, and you will be able to create a path for you to make the best decisions possible.

Finally, remember, you “are what you read.” Keep learning! Stay open to new ideas, but also re-read the books that you read at MCHS. They hold timeless truths about human nature. As you progress through different stages of life, you will find they take on new and deeper meaning and can be applied to your life. Commitment to this skill will serve you well and will set you apart from your peers.

It is my sincere wish that you are able to take all that you have learned as a student in Moffat County Schools and find fulfillment and happiness. I congratulate you and all of the people in your life who have contributed to the earning of your diploma. Travel far, travel wide, but always remember your home and that every day is a good day to be a Bulldog!

Superintendent David Ulrich, Ed.D.