Graduation 2018: Principal’s letter to seniors |

Graduation 2018: Principal’s letter to seniors

Moffat County High School Principal Kyle York
Kyle York
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Dear Senior Class Graduates,

Your day has finally come! After 13 years of schooling, you have now built a toolbox of academic and social skills that you can pull from whenever the need arises. At this moment, your toolbox is filled, and your pathways are plentiful, because you have accomplished a major stepping stone towards your future.

Some of you will choose the route that will take you to exploring your future profession, and some will choose the route to the armed forces, job market or business start-up.

As Orison Swett Marden said, “When we are sure that we are on the right road there is no need to plan our journey too far ahead. No need to burden ourselves with doubts and fears as to the obstacles that may bar our progress. We cannot take more than one step at a time.”

As you make your journey,  you will begin adding skills to your toolbox as you learn and develop into community, business and family leaders. Remember to take breaks on your journey, as your toolbox becomes larger.

As you make your way through the river of life, you will also continue to develop your character. Who do you want to become? How do you want to be perceived? As you dive into this enigma, how will you make your splash into the river? How many people will you effect? Depending on how you enter the water, this will determine if it will have positive or negative effects on others. Will you take small steps as you enter, will you enter subtly, like an Olympic diver or will it be like a tidal wave?

“Like a stone thrown into a pond, a good deed can create ripples that extend far beyond the initial splash,”  said Jeanne Phillips.

And remember, there is no time limit, statute of limitation or expiration date as to when you decide to make that splash.

Congratulations seniors!

Now, pick up your toolbox, enter that river and get to work making the most out of your life.

All the best,
Mr. York