Gloria Blakley: Downtown sidewalks snowy, icy, unsafe |

Gloria Blakley: Downtown sidewalks snowy, icy, unsafe

— Yesterday, I attempted to do some shopping downtown on Yampa Avenue.

As a younger senior citizen (I’m 64) I was unable to complete my shopping because I was not able to get out of my car and get to the sidewalk, because of the snow banks running down the curbs.

I saw that some paths had been created but they were icy and unsafe. I’m not sure what can be done about it. We do live in snow country.

I am asking someone who may know what can be done. I know this town is very concerned and caring about it’s seniors, and I really feel for the elderly that perhaps would like to get out.

I finally had to go to the local chain stores where their parking lots are in a little better shape, though not much. I moved here from snow country, and it didn’t seem to be a problem to keep the sidewalks and curbs cleared. I notice I am able to go shopping in Steamboat and be able to get around without slipping and falling.

Does our town not have the funding to do a better job of snow removal? I can’t help but feel that our downtown merchants would benefit from some improvement in this area. I know that they work very hard to attract customers.

I sure do hate to limit my shopping downtown to summer when I can get to the stores. It would seem to me that with the arrival of our new Wal-Mart, our local merchants would like to keep all the customers they can get.

Gloria Blakley