Glenda Tibbs: Take tower outside of town |

Glenda Tibbs: Take tower outside of town

To the editor:

I am writing because I am opposed to a fire tower in town.

If you really think you absolutely have to build, build it outside of town, where the smoke from it does not bother the businesses or the residents of the town.

I know for fact that the trailer park behind where you want to build has people that are on oxygen. You harm these people with the smoke that you will create.

There are also people with other health problems that should not be breathing the smoke from your tower. It’s not good sense to build it in town.

Look at Rangely’s towers, they are both built outside of town. They used common sense when they built theirs.

They don’t make the residents breath the smoke that will harm their respiratory systems. Build if you insist, BUT take it outside of town where it will do less harm to all the businesses and residents.

Glenda Tibbs

Concerned resident advocating for health and common sense


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