Glanville: The normal side raises his hand |

Glanville: The normal side raises his hand

H. Neal Glanville

I’m torn between the year we should have had and the year that’s sneaking up on us.

As life will have it, at present we’re stuck between “a Barack” and a hard place and even as his licked thumb raises to face the direction of the new breeze, we can’t be sure of anything along his version of the beltway.

His smiley face idea of ram it down your throat health care was a bust before it was even read.

Oops, no one had time to read it before the vote was taken and still nobody stands up and says they did. Now it’s bouncing around the courts as unconstitutional.

Are we thought so dumb we’re unable to listen to the droning voice of an insurance salesman giving us choices of ways to get sick and die to bet on?

Hell, even if we win, we won’t be there to collect.

The green machine that finally crept out of President Obama’s Petrie dish with plans to semi-save the planet with cars that go hmmmm can’t in all honesty be called a failure. It’s been called that since 1903 or 1904 when it was first tried out.

I think this is one of those ideas my Uncle Blaine would say “is dumber than a spit on rock,” and should be … Well, never mind that part.

On the bright side, sales of big trucks and SUVs climbed 16 percent. Go figure.

Excuse me, but the normal side has raised his hand. Go ahead, normal.

“If we are repaying our debts to the rest of the world with almost worthless dollars we print up like Wiley Coyote chasing the Road Runner, aren’t we in essence counterfeiters?”

Good question. Perhaps when we get our bail-out refunds, we can all chip in and help the national debt slow down for a nano second or two.

Here in Craig, the city council has taken “pause” over the local deer problem. It seems I may have been right about the complaining coming to a halt when snow hit the ground and the little darlings started looking hungry.

Maybe with the snow and cold, the city council and the county commissioners will stay inside long enough to settle their rent dispute over the Moffat County Public Safety Center and the Moffat County School Board will announce their plans for the new pool.

Now for something completely different

To answer the questions about combining Jell-O and snow, don’t make it harder than it is. Pick three of your favorite colors and a pile of snow, sprinkle freely, and enjoy your artwork.

My favorite is tossing a multitude of flavors and colors up on the roof and watching the icicles turn all sorts of colors.

And finally

If regular light bulbs are now obsolete and we must use those neon ones that are made everywhere but here, will they use the same secret police to enforce this usage as they do to protect our mattress and pillow tags?

Hey, it’s almost a new year, stay to the light and be careful out there.

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