Glanville: Hospital marketing, why not? |

Glanville: Hospital marketing, why not?

Marketing a hospital — I had never thought about such stuff until I read a recent article about a retiring TMH board member who mentioned it as part of his job description.

The weak side of my brain took hold and just couldn’t connect the dots between a hospital and one of the many tools available to a good sales staff.

A quick hour of television or radio will convince anyone of that fact.

Throughout the years, marketing has sold us on perfectly fitting throw away diapers, a razor that has so many blades the last one needs a zip code, and our next political whatever.

But a hospital?

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It’s an arrival spot for newborn babies and the place you head in case of medical emergency. Understandably, it’s the best place for surgery or some doctor-ordered tests.

That a hospital has or had a marketing plan for attracting new doctors to its doors makes sense.

I’m going to wildly guess that a good salary with insurance, housing and the simple fun in and around Northwest Colorado were the top draws of the hospital board marketing plan.

Again, wildly guessing: a guaranteed salary of $175,000 to $225,000 a year, for let’s say, five years, is quite an incentive for a moving van.

With fair money management, one could retire after five years and just enjoy life.

Dang it. During my early years as a geek, I should have focused more on health care than mathematical probabilities and buckin horses.

The question still remains: Why market something that’s needed no matter what the occasion? Never mind. We’re willing to pay for water in a bottle, why should a hospital be different?

Onto something else

As a child, my heroes, other than some family members, were baseball players.

They gave me and my brothers men to look up to and an added something to strive for if we ever grew up. Now it seems that breaking the law and any resemblance to a moral code and getting away with it is what some pro football players are showing today’s kids and adults.

Why would any organization or team allow this behavior, or worse, condone it with a slap on the wrist for punishment when they’re caught? Forget about the legal ramifications of an offense, why are they allowed back in their respective sport?

I know very little about dog fighting, and have a young man’s knowledge of drugs. I do, however, know firsthand about alcohol and its abuse.

No one I’ve ever known who was caught up in either, walked away with a smile on their face or a song in their heart. Yet we allow people that are paid to entertain us and have some influence on our kids do just that.

Can you hear the toilet flushing?

Something different

Although spring is still three to four weeks away, I have, during last week’s rain and snow storm, witnessed one of my spring signs: Night crawlers making their way across the street to dry land.

Quit giggling, it’s a sign.

And, on another note, Saturday’s article on the Moffat County School Board meeting was well-written and very informative.

Unfortunately, the school board can’t see the forest for the beetle-killed timber.

You be careful out there.

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