Glanville: BP stands for big problem |

Glanville: BP stands for big problem

As many of you, I am appalled by the lack of anything remotely resembling responsible action taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.

It seems running around the problem, bellowing like a lovesick moose is the best that we can hope for.

Perhaps if we renamed the entire gulf coast Haiti, the simpering cast of Hollywood will nauseate us with yet another bazillion dollar telethon.

Wait, that won’t work.

Each time “we’ve” stepped in someone’s pile, especially our own, in a time of crisis, the money seems to magically flow into pockets instead of the problem.

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Such will be the case if BP America is forced into bankruptcy, but with a slight difference. Those holding shares in the company can watch their retirement funds flow down the potty line into said pockets.

It’s my understanding that even the countries that have suffered through this problem have had their offers of help refused by the wagging finger of President Barack Obama. The only people gaining in this mess seem to be the manufacturers smart enough to put pictures of oil-soaked animals on their labels, and of course, my favorite, the “tree huggers,” who have embraced this mess like they have beetle-killed timber.

I have no idea how to stop the flow of oil or how to clean up the mess, but somebody needs to get off their ever-enlarging buttocks and do something.

Any country with the brainpower to send satellites into space that can look into your backyard can fix a leaky pipe a mere mile below the ocean’s surface.

Now for something completely different

In years past, Craig would have a parade or downtown celebration at the drop of a hat.

Each holiday seemed incomplete without one or both.

Not meaning to detract from the success of Grand Old West Days or Whittle the Wood, but I miss our parades.

Now that we’re nearing the Fourth of July, our country’s birthday, I’m at a loss trying to understand the lack of party time dedicated to our birth.

Has our patriotism been overwhelmed by three-day weekends and the self-satisfying needs of the entitled?

If cost is a factor, what better way to use the stimulus slush fund dollars we hear so much about?

Again, I’m not taking away from our successes. I just see no need for locals to head to Saratoga, Wyo., for an old-fashioned Fourth of July party.

And finally

It has come to my attention that the student-crafted mosaic of the Bulldog mascot at Moffat County High School has been saved from certain destruction by the director of the Museum of Northwest Colorado.

Whose bright idea was it to rid the school of a 38-year-old student artifact?

I’ll bet this is one of those decisions someone made without thought or discussion that will haunt its way back to the maker.

Also, I commented about Walmart giving roses away to its female employees on Mother’s Day and wondered on the prospects of discrimination for Father’s Day.

Well, as life will have it, they remembered dad.

Hey, you be careful out there.

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