Girls battle Grand Junction, Hayden |

Girls battle Grand Junction, Hayden

Bruce Tippets

A taste of competition is what the Moffat County High School girls junior varsity and varsity teams received Saturday at the high school gym.

The Bulldogs played Hayden and Grand Junction twice and Bulldogs varsity coach Craig Mortensen believes the scrimmages were beneficial.

“It was a typical first-time scrimmage and I am sure glad that we had it,” said Mortensen. “We need to try and work out a lot of bugs that we have at this time of the year.”

According to Mortensen, the Bulldogs did have a letdown when they played against Hayden

“The girls are playing hard most of the time,” said Mortensen. “The first time we played Hayden we looked really terrible and we were not ready to play. We did good against Grand Junction. There are things that we need to work on and the things we haven’t worked on very much hurt us today.

“We needed to see some different looks and we saw some against Hayden and Grand Junction.”

Mortensen will use the scrimmages to decide who will play where.

“We know that we have three or four kids that played on varsity a year ago,” said Mortensen. “We have a lot of kids that are in-between that could go either way.”

Meanwhile the junior varsity team picked things up as the day went along.

“The team kind of started out slow today, but they kept working hard,” said junior varsity coach Mike Lewarne. “During the day, we improved on a lot of things that we needed to improve on.”

Lewarne said the scrimmages came at the right time.

“It’s great for the girls to have these scrimmages,” said Lewarne. “They get tired of playing against each other for three weeks and they were glad to play against somebody else. I thought that it was fun for them and it was a good deal for us.”

The Bulldogs will hold a final scrimmage at 6 p.m. Tuesday when Fruita Monument comes to town.

“Our junior varsity will go for awhile and then our varsity will play,” said Mortensen. “They are a larger school and it is good to see tougher competition.”


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