Girl Scouts of Colorado hosts first-aid event at Breeze Street Park |

Girl Scouts of Colorado hosts first-aid event at Breeze Street Park

Two children look on as Girls Scouts of Colorado representatives walk them through how to administer first aid.
Max O’Neill / Craig Press

In what was supposed to be a Teddy Bear Rescue event, The Girl Scouts of Colorado pivoted and held a first aid event Friday afternoon at Breeze Street Park for a handful of children.

The event was hosted by Ashley Douglas and Ashley Virgin, two recruitment and placement specialists at the Girl Scouts. There were four kids in attendance at the event, three girls and one boy. However, Douglas and Virgin said that seven kids had come to their table prior to it starting at 3:45 p.m.

The event was supposed to be a “Teddy Bear Rescue” event but to be respectful of the rising cases, they held a lower scale first aid kit event.

In this event, the kids got Ziploc bags that they filled with gauze pads, and Band-Aids among other things that a first aid kid could need. They also had the kids put band aids on their stuffed animals or dolls.

Prior to handing the bags out Virgin showed them an example of a full first aid kit. They handed out a sheet that had some of the things that they handed out as well as others that are part of the Red Cross Recommendation for a First Aid Kit for a family of four. Some of those include emergency blankets, which prompted one father to bring out blankets from his trunk for his daughters.

Douglas spoke about what the girl scouts hope the kids in attendance get out of this event.

“We think it’s really important for all girls to be prepared, and this is just an event to teach how to be prepared in their own homes and their own world and their own life with some basic first aid,” Douglass said. “So they’re gonna learn what comes in a basic first aid kid and how to use that and how they might be able to help their friends or family in a time of emergency.”

At the very end of the event they did a leave no trace activity, in which they demonstrated the ways to leave no trace when hiking. The activity got the kids moving around more than the first aid kit activity, by having them run in place every once in a while.

The steps that Douglas went through with the kids was plan ahead, prepare, travel and camp on durable surfaces, dispose of waste properly, leave on foot prints and not what you see in nature, minimize campfire impacts, respect the wildlife and lastly be considerate of other visitors.

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