Getting to know Jesus Christ as ‘counselor’ to the people |

Getting to know Jesus Christ as ‘counselor’ to the people

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“He Shall Be Called Counselor.”

It is not coincidence that one of the names given to Jesus is that of “Counselor.” Long before man appeared on the scene, God looked down the corridors of man’s history and knew that mankind would need someone who could lead and guide them in the truth. He knew what confusion sin would ultimately lead us to. He knew man would not be able to distinguish right from wrong.

I want to pay particular attention to the word “guide.” It means to lead, to instruct, to teach and conduct. That is the work of a counselor. They help guide us when we are unable to see the way clearly. The Holy Spirit wants to be our guide. He wants to lead and guide us into all truth. That is why He has come. Only the wonderful counselor full of light can dispel the shadows surrounding people today. All of us can identify with people in darkness. All of us have faced our times of depression, weariness, or condemnation that engulfed us like a dark cloud. But suddenly, Jesus our great light penetrates that cloud with His radiance and we experience renewed vision as the glow of God’s goodness sweeps away the oppressive cloud.

Isaiah gives us another name of God that speaks so perfectly to God being our guiding counselor. In Chapter 9:2 Isaiah calls Him our Guiding Light. Scripture uses the image of light to assure of many blessings vital to our spiritual health. But none is of greater practical importance to daily Christian living than divine guidance. Churches learn to depend on Him for everything. Many times the Bible links light with guidance: “Your word is a Lamp to my feet and light to my path” (Ps. 1 19: 105). “The entrance of Your words gives light” (Ps. 119:130). “Then God said. Let there be light. (Gen. 1:3).

The Wonderful Counselor is here, and He wants to lift up all who are depressed, to release any who are in bondage. He is our Wonderful Counselor. Our Guiding Counselor.

“He shall be called Counselor.”

(Dave Ross is the pastor of the Craig Assembly of God).


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