Getting my fix |

Getting my fix

David Pressgrove

On Tuesday, I sat at work and couldn’t get it out of my head. It was like the night before Christmas, but instead of sugarplums there were football players dancing in my head. I seriously could not stop thinking about the Moffat County High School vs. Niwot football game.

It was only Tuesday.

It’s going to be a long week.

I think I started to get the shakes at about 3 p.m. My withdrawal was so bad I had to go watch practice just to get my fix.

This has happened to me before. In 1993, when the Kansas City Chiefs were playing in the AFC Championship against the Buffalo Bills, I couldn’t sleep, I was so anxious about the game.

When the University of Kansas basketball team was in the Final Four two years ago, I had to watch every preview I could for the weekend.

I’m sure Broncos fans know the feeling: wishing that the football game would be played Tuesday and eliminate the wait between the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl.

I can’t even imagine what it’s like for the players.

The reason this game is sticking with me is because it is so intriguing.

A Front Range team that was virtually untouched in the regular season against a team whose only blemish is a one-point loss to the defending state champions.

The best that I can tell, this quarterfinal matchup Saturday is against the two best teams on that side of the bracket. And it’s here in Craig.

On the noncrazy/obsessed side of my day, I do see an increase in town support. Window decorating, cookouts and attendance-boosting donations have all been talked about this week.

At least the first two ideas are a go.

Business owners should have received an invitation to decorate their windows for a chance to win four tickets to the game and an autographed football. If a business didn’t receive one and would still like to participate I’m the contact person for entering the contest. We have seven businesses in the competition thus far. If there is a plan to decorate and a call hasn’t been made to the Craig Daily Press, please do so by Thursday. All businesses in Craig are eligible.

The County Clerk and Recorder’s Office and other county employees are hosting a cookout from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday for the football team. Local businesses donated all of the fixin’s for the barbecue, which also will feature the dancers and cheerleaders. Community members are more than welcome.

Last week 763 paying fanatics showed up at Bulldog Stadium. I would love to see 1,000 there this weekend. But what I would love to see doesn’t matter. It’s about the team and it’s about supporting the Bulldogs. No more broken record about supporting the team. Either people plan to come or they don’t.

One thing to help boost game attendance is the chance to decrease time waiting in line for tickets. Tickets are available at the high school athletics office this week. They cost $7 for adults and $5 for students and seniors.

I’m looking forward to judging windows, eating hot dogs and seeing you at the game.

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