Getting economic development back on course |

Getting economic development back on course

When one gets beyond the chaos that continues to consume the Craig/Moffat County Economic Development Partnership, the true victim in all of this is revealed.

The ship that started off with the best of intentions has been scuttled by miscommunication, arrogance, ignorance and the petty politics that are often simply insignificant issues blown out of proportion over time.

We believe that this organization, largely funded by tax dollars, started off in the right direction and, while currently foundering, should not be left adrift to eventually sink.

It is essential that Craig and Moffat County have a means for economic development, whether that is attracting other businesses to the area, enhancing existing businesses so they can grow or nurturing the resources that are already here so they can become viable ventures.

Easier said then done — especially in light of the ongoing embroilment that the board of directors has found itself in.

We believe that the dismissal of Executive Director Wally Ralston, which presumably was based on undisclosed personnel reasons, needs to be resolved quickly and the search for a replacement undertaken immediately

Meanwhile, the board needs to adopt clear and concise bylaws and its directors should make themselves at least familiar with the basics, such as who can vote, what makes a quorum, sticking to an agenda, etc.

We strongly encourage the board to include in its bylaws that the organization will abide by the letter and the spirit of the state’s Sunshine laws as far as open meetings and public records. When it comes to something as crucial as economic development, which is supposedly undertaken for the betterment of all, there is no room for secrets.

We hope the Craig/Moffat County Economic Development Partnership can get past this turmoil and move forward.

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