George Bowman: A friendly place |

George Bowman: A friendly place

To the editor:

My daughter recently pointed out that it was 53 degrees in Craig as opposed to 83 in Bangkok. I told her she was lucky, as we had clouds instead of the sun or rain.

My daughter loved the weather in Craig. I was surprised when I came home to find her like a splayed chicken in the luxurious grass of the backyard. One does not do that in Thailand.

My daughter loved the snow and learned how to ski. In Bangkok, she learned what a cobra looks like in the front yard.

She walked to school from our house in Craig in about five minutes, and it only took her that long because she was dragging her feet. In Bangkok, it takes 45 minutes by car to arrive at the international school she attends.

Coming back home will take an hour because of the traffic, so now we have two hours of windshield time each day.

What did it take in Craig? About 10 minutes.

While my daughter has nothing to say but nice things about the school she attended, she admitted the work was easy. The private international school she attends here in Bangkok costs about $15,000 per year, with excellent teachers that are well paid. The graduates attend some of the top universities in the states and worldwide.

She hated Walmart. This was expected as her and my wife are expert shoppers in Bangkok’s numerous 5-stars and even 0-star shopping centers.

My daughter loved the restaurants in Craig. Taco Bell was her favorite, followed by any place that served American breakfast. However, she did admit that in Bangkok, rice and chicken with soup for 25 baht was delicious and cheap.

Finally, my daughter pointed out that the main difference in Craig versus Bangkok is the people.

I have taught her that in Bangkok to look at strangers with a jaundice eye. Not so in Craig. My daughter said that everyone in Craig was friendly.

She wants to move back. We lived in Craig for one year.

George Bowman

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