Gene Adamek: Collective guilt usurps individual responsibility |

Gene Adamek: Collective guilt usurps individual responsibility

It was around my seventh- or eighth-grade year of middle school that I realized something was different. When someone caused a commotion or was disobedient in class, our teacher started keeping the entire class after school. Not fair.

This was the beginning of “collective guilt” and the death of individual accountability. “We are all innocents” became the battle cry, and society was to blame for all things.

Along the way, the death penalty was abolished and the sixth commandment was eliminated from the public classroom. Poor self esteem took center stage in education, and self control became its casualty.

We now live the blame game. Blame it on Trump; blame it on Sheriff Israel; blame it on the resource officer; blame it on the FBI, the NRA, and ban the AR-15. High school students march on the Capitol with signs saying, “Never again!”

Meanwhile, Nikolas Cruz smiles to himself. He has faded into the background and will be declared “mentally ill” and probably unfit for trial. You know the drill.

He will be analyzed, proselytized and probably appear on the Dr. Phil show by remote. He will get three square meals, a warm place to live, lift weights, watch TV and have his own, presonal iPad. He will be squirreled away in the prison system, because inmates in prison have a better sense of justice than we do.

When I attended high school, we had rifles in our vehicles, and that was on school property! Not once do I recall anyone threatening a fellow student with a gun. We had no need of a resource officer or even a school psychologist. Imagine that.

Colorado schools are now considering a later starting time for students “because they don’t get enough sleep.” When will school officials quit pandering and do their job of building expectation of character instead of constant entitlement?

Cultures do — and usually die — from either a long, slow death of low expectations or what is called the normalization of deviancy.

Both are in plain view.

Gene Adamek


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