Gayle Zimmerman: Shame on MCSD for dismissing student |

Gayle Zimmerman: Shame on MCSD for dismissing student

To the editor:

Homecoming is a special time of year that brings the community together while watching our high school athletes in one of the most spectated games of the season. It’s a time when school pride and team spirit shine through. I enjoy watching the festivities. What I didn’t enjoy watching, was a student athlete being disrespected at the girls volleyball game, and was in disbelief when I witnessed him wearing his football jersey, get escorted out of the game, because he did not present his school ID to the lady taking admissions. With no doubt in her mind of his identity, she refused him entry without his ID, or his $4 fee. Other parents who witnessed this mockery offered to pay the $4 for his entry. This student was humiliated in front of his peers, parents, and other spectators because he was not able to produce his ID, which in fact, was impossible for him to do since the school had not issued it to him in the first place.


I was informed by another person who does admissions regularly, that they have been instructed by the high school athletic director, not to let any student in to an event without a school ID. Student participation was highly encouraged the past couple years. Team spirit and school pride are making a comeback, and the student section has been active. Incidents like this do not promote student participation, it actually discourages it. I saw several kids get up and leave the game because their friend and teammate was being kicked out. Other parents were visibly and verbally upset by it as well.

I heard the admission lady tell the athletic director that the student athlete had been rude, at which time the athletic director immediately presumed him to be guilty and refused him re-entry. However, that was not the case. She made assumptions as he walked past her. He simply did not hear her. She then had a parent escort him out, which was inappropriate. Why is it that adults demand respect from kids, but yet do not give kids that same respect? Why is it that adults dismiss kids as being disrespectful or rude when they are not given a chance to defend themselves or their actions? I feel the adults were disrespectful in this incident.


While going through admissions at an earlier high school football game, a group of CMS girls were in front of me with Bulldog t-shirts on. They too were asked to show their ID’s, which they could not as pictures had just been taken and they did not have their ID’s yet. The young man taking admissions asked them who their teachers were, they answered, and he let them in. Rules are rules, policies are policies, and common sense is common sense.

If a student has Bulldog attire on and can answer some related questions, let them in! They are there to be supportive. Maybe the athletic director should show some support as well. With or without their ID, obviously they are still a student of MCSD and should be allowed entry.

Gayle Zimmerman


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