Gary L. Jacobs II: Thanks for good health care |

Gary L. Jacobs II: Thanks for good health care

To the editor:

I was in your area with three friends bow hunting elk. I hadn’t been feeling well, and the morning of Aug. 31 I was having chest pains so one of my companions brought me to the emergency room that morning. The gal at the reception counter was very friendly, took all my information, which I gave her, and then someone came out and took me right to a room.

A male nurse got me hooked up and was filling out info on the computer while asking me questions. He was very friendly and helped to calm me down and reassure me I would be taken care of. The doctor came in to see me right away and was also very friendly and reassuring.

The gal that took me for chest X-rays and also a CAT scan was also very friendly and reassuring. (She has a couple younger children and her husband was also out elk hunting, so visiting with her was also very helpful to calm me down.)

A male nurse hooked the EKG up to me and gave me a breathing treatment; he was also friendly and talked to me the whole time and helped me feel reassured as well.

I have been to the emergency room back here in my hometown twice in the past year, and I have to say the service and care provided by your staff is by far some of the best care I have ever received.

I would attribute a lot of it to the way everyone was genuinely concerned and kept me informed of what they were doing, kept reassuring me everything would be OK.

I didn’t have to wait long for any procedure and someone was always coming by and asking how I was doing, if I needed anything, etc.

Being a business owner in a service-related industry, I understand the importance of having great people working for you, and I appreciate feedback from my customers, both positive and negative, so we can always strive to improve our service and provide positive experience for our clients.

I just wanted you to know that everyone that I dealt with during my visit was top-notch, and even though going to the emergency room thinking you are having heart issues is not what I really wanted to do; your staff was wonderful and I can’t thank them enough for the excellent care I received.

As a side note: I did harvest a nice 4×4 bull elk with my bow three days later. I look forward to visiting your area again.

Gary L. Jacobs II

Owosso, Michigan