Gary Cox: Amend the constitution |

Gary Cox: Amend the constitution

To the editor

The Founding Fathers envisioned the federal government as an aide to the states to accomplish tasks for the general welfare: regulating commerce, collecting taxes, forming a defensive army, making laws that are necessary and proper, making treaties, coining and regulating money, controlling patents and copyrights, and insuring uniform laws for naturalization and bankruptcy.

The Founders probably are turning over in their graves at what has transpired. Today, we have a federal government that is burdensome and overreaching at best and has grown to almost uncontrollable size and jurisdiction; controlling most every aspect of our lives.

Congress has become impotent and the courts have become so partisan that nothing of value gets accomplished. If the trend continues we will only need federal enforcers and have no need for state legislatures. Fortunately, the Founders gave the States a method to fight back against such abusive power and overreach.

Article V of the Constitution allows the states to ban together in a convention of states to rectify federal overreach, inaction, and misdirection by “amending” the Constitution. The Founders knew the federal government might one day become drunk with the abuses of power and developed Article V. Now the state legislatures must pick up the tool and reduce the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and return same to the States.

It is time that our state legislators rise up and join other states by fighting back. You need to support a resolution indicating Colorado supports a call for a convention of states. It is also time for every concerned reader to make your voices heard in support of a convention of states. No substantial legislation is forthcoming from the U.S. Congress to address the issues causing our major problems, so, we must ask the states to lead the way. For more information on convention of states, go to and offer to help solve the conundrum.

Gary Cox

Grand Junction


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