Gary Cole: Hospital ballot is bad business |

Gary Cole: Hospital ballot is bad business

To the editor:

My letter is in reference to all the publicity surrounding the new hospital.

As a business owner in Craig, and from knowing many other business owners, I don’t understand how a business (the hospital) could possibly be asking for any tax increases of any sort.

Every time I went to the hospital, it cost me a large amount of money, either paid by my insurance or myself. When my father died in the hospital, it still cost his family money. From my way of thinking, this makes it a business. If a business does not have the resources or budget to build new facilities, that is just too bad. Run your business better.

It would be better to use that money to make sure everyone had access to health care. My mother would be asked to pay for this hospital, but on her fixed income, couldn’t afford to go there for any reason. Is that fair? I think not.

Public schools are funded by taxes; therefore, they have every right to ask for money for capitol expenses or improvements. Hospitals collect money every time someone goes to them. Let them pay for their own improvements.

As a business owner, that is what I have to do. When hospitals provide their services for the same price as public schools, then they deserve to be support as schools are supported.

Until then, they need to use budgets and better business practice to buy what they need.

Gary Cole


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